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If you didn’t cut last night, I’m proud of you. 

If you didn’t purge last night, I’m proud of you. 

If you ate something last night, I’m proud of you. 

If you calmed yourself down during an anxiety attack, I’m proud of you.

If you didn’t let the bullies get to you, I’m proud of you. 

If you stayed alive for another night, I’m proud of you. 

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when will beyonce give blow the attention that it deserves

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"I hate (insert name here)"

*knows about their album sales*

*knows about their chart positions*

*knows about how many awards they have*

*knows when they post something on social media*


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So I used to watch Wendy Williams (i know- i regret it too) but every single time she would talk about Bey or Jay, she always had something bad to say. After the release of Bey's album, she said I think its time Beyonce put on some clothes.. & accusations against her pregnancy. But she always stand up for Kim K. I don't understand why? Ur thoughts?


She doesn’t only do that Bey, it’s most celebrities and it’s disgusting. She’s just a terrible human being. She must be so unhappy with herself and her own life that she feels the need to tear down other people. There’s a difference between gossiping and being a bully. She’s pathetic.

At the end of the day, Bey is more successful, more beautiful and just an overall better person than that creature so don’t pay it any mind.

The worst part about it is that Wendy gets paid to bully people

Beyonce got 14 mil followers and still ain’t following a soul

Remember when bey cut her hair and we lost our minds 😂

And she still looked perf ♥


*drunk in love playing in the background*

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*drunk in love playing in the background*

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Remember when Beyoncé dropped an album out of nowhere and slayed all of us?


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